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  • Arimpo - T-shirts, body production; stores and products.
  • Atomic Jeans - Jeans production and marketing of sports apparel made of fabric.
  • Bright Jeans - Jeans, sportswear and includes seasonal products.
  • Colin's Jeans - Official site information about the company, image, catalog, store and transport information, press There are parts of the corner.
  • Crazy - Crazy T-shirts and branded addresses the information and store accessories.
  • Cross Jeans - Corporate information, collection, and communication channels include stores.
  • De facto - sport for young people Production of clothing, corporate information, opportunities, collections, shops and contact information.
  • Dilek Tekstil - Male Female Manufacture of apparel, t-shirts, body, blouse, skirt the production of varieties.
  • Etnies Turkey - Skateboard origin, an alternative brand of sports shoes and clothing.
  • Forus - Cartoon the heroes of the firm's branch offices engaged in manufacture and sale of printed t-shirts, products and contact information.
  • Haleteks Textiles - Male and female sweat suit, pajamas and night access to the information and product company engaged in the production catalog's.
  • Free-Throw Hat - Hats and Manufacture of promotional items such as t-shirts.
  • Hür Taç Şapka - Companies, groups and individual activities designed t-shirt, sweatshirts, overalls and uniforms of different textile materials, such as printing solutions offers.
  • LC Waikiki - Waikiki LC shop. Virtual tour and a collection of clothes.
  • Lacoste Turkey - Season collections, product information, boutiques, and contact information.
  • Little Big - Little Big brand jean pants, shirts and jeans, coats, and sales for the online product catalog information about stores.
  • Loft - denim fabric per day organization engaged in the production of clothing.
  • Magnet Clothing - Men, women and engaged in the production of cotton fabric for children's clothing. Site Examples include company and product presentation.
  • Masha Jeans - Turkey-Germany company working mainly in women of jeans.
  • Masimar - the apparel and textile organization engaged in manufacture of products.
  • Mavi Jeans - Shop, advertising and campaigns, publications, cultural and artistic activities, the stages of production.
  • Nart Jeans - Jeans information about the company engaged in the production and collection photos.
  • Planet Sports - Fila and Tatonka'nın agent in Turkey, the company's website information about the company, brands are introductions and news.
  • Ring Jeans - Mr ladies jeans fabrics and accessories for manufactured products.
  • Serseri Jeans - Women's and Wholesale and retail sales of men's jeans on the firm information and promote their products.
  • Tello Jeans - Denim and sports jeans collection images, news and contact information.
  • Voltaj - Sweatshirts and T-shirt engaged in the production of information about the company, product catalog and contact information.
  • Wind Sports - Sports apparel products, manufactures shirts and promotional products.
  • XSide - day for young people manufacture and sale of clothing and accessories.
  • YKK Jeans - the upper and lower group fitness clothing products, the collection includes images and contact information.